Social Responsibility

We take a Pledge on the Global Responsibility.

Having been focused on many projects we do unite to Go Green concepts with our
initiative of establishing many recycling programs.

ECO Friendly

On the daily basis we are keen to consume only recycled materials like the cardboards, packing materials and also applying to the eco-friendly lighting and heating. We do have ample plans in the near future and we do take a pledge on the global responsibility.

Recycled Polyester Fabrics

Produces garments with the recycled polyester fabrics on the client requirements so as to reduce the carbon footage.

Organic Farming

Encouraging the healthy living our concern promotes organic farming which is spread for about 40 Acres of land and producing healthy food for the healthy living.

Labour Welfare

Let's Grow Together

RG APPAREL does implement many strategies and focuses on the labour welfare which drives the team enthusiasm and keep them deserving.

Labour Regulations & Hygiene

Meeting the stipulations of the labour regulations, provides the best working atmosphere. Clean and tidy work environment meeting the required hygiene keeps us assuring the best always.

Convenience & Infrastructure

Equipped with spacious and lavish dining space which accommodates the employees comfortable.

Other Amenities

As a privilege for the personal support and safety measures, our staff obtain awareness and expertise with Fire Rescue Training and First Aid Training. We also effectively provide educational Support for Children of employees.